Micellar Casein Concentrate

Protein at Its Purest

Leprino Foods micellar casein concentrate (MCC) is a premium dairy protein with compelling functional and application benefits. Made directly from microfiltered Grade A milk, our MCC is made using a clean and simple process and is free of artificial ingredients. Our MCC is ideal for sports nutrition products and is a cleaner substitute for other caseinates.


  • High protein content and composition
  • Slow-digesting for increased satiety and sustained protein absorption
  • Superior color, flavor and aroma vs. Caseinate alternatives
  • Heat stable and extremely soluble
  • Superior emulsification properties

Product Details

Label Name Applications Packaging Shelf Life Certifications
Micellar Casein (A Microfiltered Milk Protein) Protein and nutrition ready-to-drink beverages, powders, protein bars, supplements, baked goods, processed cheese, coffee creamers, emulsification 20.00kg (44.1lb) paper bag or bulk tote 730 days from date of manufacture Kosher, SQF Level III, Halal, U.S. GRAS Status