Nutrition products

Our Nutrition Products

As a leading producer of lactose, whey protein and dairy ingredients, Leprino Foods nutrition products deliver the wholesome building blocks that enable healthy lifestyles. Our products are made from a high-quality whey stream that comes from the production of our own uncolored mozzarella cheese. These products feature a naturally light color and superior flavor and aroma profiles. Naturally made, we never use bleaching or chemical processing. Our newest nutrition innovation, pure micellar casein, is made directly from micro-filtered Grade A milk.

Nutrition Segments

Infant Formula

Our lactose is made to exacting standards and is used by top infant nutrition brands across the globe.

Adult Nutrition

We partner with adult nutrition brands to help nourish and enrich the diets of adults and seniors.

Sports Nutrition

We’re proud to be fueling athletes—from the casual to the elite—with our protein-rich powders.

Commercial Ingredients

From mac-and-cheese to ice cream, our lactose and sweet whey products are used by leading food manufacturing companies worldwide.