Quality-Locked® Cheese

Peak Performance Every Time®

When it comes to consistent performance, QLC® can’t be beat. An Italian-style cheese, QLC is frozen at the peak of freshness to naturally lock in flavor and performance for guaranteed product consistency. QLC is ideal for foodservice operators and food manufacturers that demand the same high-quality taste, melt and stretch every time.


  • 100% real cheese made with fresh, Grade A milk
  • Frozen at the peak of freshness for maximum performance and consistency
  • Longer shelf life and supply chain efficiency


  • Foodservice – Ideal for restaurants and pizzerias
  • Food manufacturing – Including frozen pizzas and entrées

Available Shapes


Feather Shred
Feather Shred

Classic shred provides faster melt and robust performance

Short Shred
Short Shred

Best combination of coverage and portioning

Long Thin Shred
Long Thin Shred

Good coverage and melting on a variety of food platforms

Artisan Shred
Artisan Shred

Wider cut provides full cheese coverage and robust melt and stretch


Most consistent application volume when using portion cups

Precision Melt
Precision Melt

Controlled melt technology for enrobed applications. Learn more

Product Details

Varietites Format Case Pack Shelf Life
  • Whole Milk & Part Skim

  • Mozzarella & Pizza Cheese

  • Provolone

  • Reduced-Fat Cheddar & Jack Blends
  • 15lb Box

  • 20lb Box

  • 25lb Box

  • 30lb Box

1 Year Frozen
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